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Multi-Pemain, Ketangkasan Mouse, Gratis, Unity 3D, Unity Web Player | (19.8 MB) ditambahkan pada 24 Apr 2014
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You are a Grabble!

Grabbles is a deceptively simple platformer that requires players to navigate the levels in an unconventional way. Rather than running and jumping, Grabbles pull themselves through a treacherous alien world using their two sticky elastic appendages. Journey to discover the source of a recent string of catastrophic events that are threatening to destroy the world as you know it.

This 2-D physics-based platformer has a play style that encourages flow control and quick reflexes. Players are immersed in a colorful world full of challenging environments to traverse for the casual player as well as an exhilarating and highly competitive multiplayer experience for the hard-core gamer.

Cara bermain:

Each sticky appendage can be aimed and fired using either the joysticks and triggers on a controller or the left and right mouse buttons.

Each appendage can also be fired using the CTRL keys.

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Grabbles Game
Grabbles Game
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