Game Death Squad: The Last Mission:

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  • Move
    Lean Left/Right
    (Left): Sprint
    (Left): Crouch
    Lock or Unlock Cursor
  • Shoot
    Use Item
    Use Heal Kit
    (Backspace): Drop Weapon
    Throw Grenade
    Select Grenade
    Enter Bullet Time
    Toggle Deadzone Aiming

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Death Squad: The Last Mission is a first-person 3D shooting WebGL game that will challenge your shooting and survival skills to the test! In this game, your chopper has crashed down to an abandoned area which is near at the enemy base. Your team has survived the crash but will all of you survive the attack of your rival soldiers. Together with your team, you need to hold your position as long as you can. With limited supply of ammunitions, you need to get though every wave of attack. There will be a 20 second warm up time before every wave. Use that time to loot for weapons, ammunitions and med kits that will spawn around the area. Your enemy will increase every wave, so you need to gather more ammunition and med kits as you can for it will help you survive. There are 12 achievements that you can unlock from easy, medium and hard. Get points by killing your opponents and earn as much as you can so you can be listed together with the pros of this game in the leaderboard. Take part on this mission and be one of the unstoppable Death Squad!

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Death Squad: The Last Mission
Death Squad: The Last Mission
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