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One Ball Pool Puzzle is another addition to this relaxing category. In One Ball Pool Puzzle your goal is to get the ball in the hole located in a random spot on the table, and to do this you have to use a cue stick. You can expect the same behavior that usually comes from this billiards tool. The fun really kicks in the later levels, when the road between the ball and its goal is filled with various dangers, that you need to avoid. From dangerous spikes to figuring out complicated trajectories, One Ball Pool Puzzle will surely put your skills to the test, and you need a healthy dose of patience if you want to finish all its 45 levels.
But not only the unique table configurations might impede your progress, but also the fact that you have a limited number of attempts that you have to finish a level. This ensures that you take some risks, but also makes things a bit more fun. When you know that you have only one shot to make it to the next level, you'll definitely try a more riskier maneuver than you would otherwise. Throughout the entirety of One Ball Pool Puzzle you'll never know what the next level can bring, but one thing will stay the same, and that is that each level is a fun challenge. And even though you can see the path the ball will take, you never know where exactly it will stop, and how you will have to adapt after that.


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One Ball Pool Puzzle
One Ball Pool Puzzle
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