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Point Adventure is a free puzzle game. In this free physics-puzzle game, you really are shooting for the stars. Take aim with the swipe of a finger and blast your way through an endless barrage of obstacles and spinning barriers to pick up all the bonus points and upgrades. This is an endless style game where you play until you die. You can avoid dying if your aim is true and your ability to judge distance is on point. Dodge the moving platforms, time your shots perfectly to land inside the spinning cells, and make sure you pick up the floating stars and stuff in order to maximize your potential.

Point Adventure is an aesthetic game that requires concentration, patience, aim, and a mastery of physics. There is a timer on your fuel supply. If you don't line up your shot and make it quickly you will have to restart the game. Keep an eye on your fuel supply, make sure to power it up in between shots and don't let the timer run out. Shoot fast but shoot smart in this aesthetic and addicting puzzle-physics game.

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Point Adventure
Point Adventure
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